Tekla Releases Tekla Structures 19 BIM Software

New 3D modeling software adds tools for concrete contractors and rebar fabricators.

Tekla, a leader in bringing building information modeling (BIM) software and online tools to the architectural, engineering and costruction (AEC) markets, today announced a new version of its 3D modeling software, Tekla Structures 19.

Tekla Structures 19 delivers powerful new features designed to further enable structural engineers, fabricators, detailers and concrete contractors to be more successful, productive and collaborative.

Tekla’s software enables the creation and management of accurately detailed, highly constructible 3D structural models, regardless of material or structural complexity.

While Tekla Structures 19 benefits many types of building experts, concrete contractors and rebar fabricators specifically will be better equipped to win more bids and dramatically improve the planning, accuracy and overall management and collaboration of concrete pours.

“Our goal is to help revolutionize the building industry by providing the latest advances in 3D modeling software and online collaboration tools for dramatically improved outcomes,” said Hans Ehrnrooth, President of Tekla, Inc. “We are excited that today’s release of Tekla Structures 19 moves us further toward this goal. It enables and automates the creation, planning, and estimation of detailed building designs as well as superior management and execution during the building phase itself. This results in our customers gaining more project and bid wins through innovative design while minimizing errors and maximizing efficiency and productivity.”

Tekla Structures 19 directly benefits the construction industry with new modeling, tracking, interoperability and management features and functionality.

  • For concrete contractors, the new version delivers the ability to expertly visualize and quantify concrete the way it will be placed on the construction site. This includes faster and more accurate quantity estimation, increased pour planning accuracy and better site management and execution.
    The new release allows the importing of PDF drawings directly inside Tekla 3D models and includes new mobile access functionality making it possible to view concrete pours on mobile tablets at the job site, resulting in faster and better on site decisions.
  • For detailers, fabricators and structural engineers, Tekla Structures 19 delivers tighter integration with other tools, enabling smoother workflow and collaboration. It also enables users to offer new construction services for a range of structural detailing and integrated project delivery services.
    Rebar detailers and fabricators can also more accurately estimate, perform faster rebar detailing, export to leading rebar MIS systems and reduce field errors and waste.
  • Tekla User Assistance and Online Industry Forum: In conjunction with the new release, Tekla has launched a new, online forum that allows anyone to learn about Tekla software, benefit from industry discussions as well as access live and interactive Tekla user assistance.

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