J.P. Simons & Company Receives Rayovac Industrial Distributor Award

Rayovac award recognizes distributor performance and accomplishments.

Rayovac has awarded J.P. Simons & Company the Rayovac Industrial Outstanding Distributor Award for the quarter ended March 29, 2013.

With headquarters located just outside of Chicago, IL, J.P. Simons & Company is a Class-A distributor that deals in the wholesale distribution of electrical products. J.P. Simons & Company sells a wide variety of Rayovac products with alkaline UltraPro batteries leading their sales.

An updated alkaline formula has helped distributors to increase their sales. Rayovac batteries are now guaranteed to stay fresh for up to 10 years. Storing batteries for long periods of time is a common occurrence and knowing that the batteries are still fresh is an added sense of relief.

J.P. Simons & Company has enjoyed an excellent quarter with Rayovac product sales. According to recently collected data, their sales by distribution have gone up considerably. Compared to last year’s March quarter, J.P. Simons & Company sales of Rayovac products were more than 4x the sales of the previous quarter. To top that, their sales for the current fiscal year have already exceeded sales from the previous fiscal year. This is a remarkable accomplishment, seeing as the current fiscal year is only half complete.

The signal of a great business partnership is when company goals overlap. Rayovac shares a common goal with J.P. Simons & Company: provide quality products at competitive prices with unsurpassed customer service.

“To provide Rayovac with consistent and reliable market entry, partnering with numerous outstanding distributors is key,” said Kim Olson, Rayovac Division Vice President, Industrial, Government and OEM Sales. “To that end, J.P. Simons & Company has provided this and much more.”

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