AEMP Announces Industry Certifications, Designations

Names heavy equipment fleet management, specialist and support certifications for 2012.

The Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) is pleased to announce professionals who have earned their Certified Equipment Manager (CEM) and Equipment Manager Specialist (EMS) certifications and the Certified Equipment Support Professional (CESP) designation during 2012.

AEMP offers the CEM certification to individuals who demonstrate exemplary skills in 17 key areas of expertise including customer service, fleet management and preventative maintenance. Candidates also must have at least five years of experience in the maintenance or management of fleet equipment. Professionals who earned the CEM certification in 2012 are:

  • Ken Burke, Bechtel Equipment Operations
  • Thomas Coleman, Waste Management
  • Casey Dowling, Bechtel Equipment Operations
  • Steve Hudgins, Charah, Inc.
  • Greg Peet, Heavy Equipment Services, Inc.
  • Kevin Reimert, Schlouch, Inc.
  • Phil Beagley, Dondlinger and Sons Constructions Co., Inc.
  • Ben R. Caldwell, Nabholz Construction Services
  • John H. Crawford, the Shelly Co.
  • Brian Grubbs, Waste Management
  • Bruce Hole, Bechtel Equipment Operations
  • David A. Hruska, APAC Kansas City
  • Michael W. Martin, Mulzer Crushed Stone
  • Kevin L. Schlangen, Dakota County Fleet Management
  • Steven D. Smith, the Shelly Co.

Individuals who are within their first five years of career development with a private, municipal or public fleet, and who possess basic knowledge of the 17 key areas of expertise, are eligible to earn the EMS certification. Professionals who earned the EMS certification in 2012 are:

  • Adrian Baty, Aegion Corp.
  • Kenneth Blakeley, the Lane Construction Corp.
  • Dale Farris, Baker Rock Resources
  • Brian Gatehouse, the Lane Construction Corp.
  • Chris Gray, the Lane Construction Corp.
  • Casey Hall, Bechtel Equipment Operations
  • SM Sgt. Eric Jensen, U.S. Air Force
  • Anthony Jones, Frontier-Kemper Constructors
  • Joe Kelso, Aegion Corp.
  • Ben Kobak, Independence Excavating
  • Thomas Larson, the Lane Construction Corp.
  • Kenneth Lauer, Bechtel Equipment Operations
  • Steve Lewis, Aegion Corp.
  • James O’Brien, Aegion Corp.
  • Dana Scuderi, Aegion Corp.
  • Keith Smith, Kinder Morgan
  • Jay Turner, Aegion Corp.
  • Randy Wilson, Lane Construction Corp.

Equipment suppliers who demonstrate exceptional professionalism and a depth of understanding of fleet management skills are eligible for the CESP designation. Colin Olsen, Caterpillar, Inc., and Eric Lamb, Leslie Equipment earned their CESP designations in in 2012.

AEMP offers testing for CEM and CESP certifications twice a year during the organization’s Professional Development Institute (PDI). The PDI is an intensive study course which is held in conjunction with the Fall Symposium and the Management Conference and Annual Meeting. During the PDI, candidates can meet with industry professionals to help prepare for the exams. Sessions cover a range of topics under the five core standards of professional asset management: finance, information, controls, policies and customer service. In addition, AEMP also offers four, two-week testing windows at sites in more than 165 countries and all 50 U.S. states.

About AEMP

The Association of Equipment Management Professionals was formed in 1980 and is headquartered in Glenwood Springs, Colo. The organization represents fleet professionals who work in construction, government, utilities, energy, mining and more. AEMP maintains relationships among manufacturers, users, governmental agencies, educational institutions and others involved in the design and management of heavy equipment. The organization created the term “Equipment Triangle.” It is the cornerstone of the association’s philosophy that a balanced relationship must exist between the end user, distributor and OEM/supplier in the lifecycle of a piece of heavy equipment or product. AEMP advances this philosophy through its education and certification programs. For more information, visit