STAFDA Offers Free Showroom Design Webinar

May 14 webinar features Greg Gorman, author of STAFDA's Showroom Manual.

Greg Gorman, author of STAFDA's "Creating an Attractive Showroom Manual."

In STAFDA's 2010 Creating an Attractive Showroom Manual, Greg Gorman provided an in-depth "how to" guide on improving all aspects of showroom design, layout, visual merchandising and understanding how it effects customers and impacts sales.

On Tuesday May 14, a new webinar, free for STAFDA members, follows up on the Manual and highlights showroom opportunities for owners, managers and sales staff by applying retail aspects to their businesses.

Gorman will cover:

  • Identifying key merchandising focal points and opportunities on both the floor and wall areas.
  • Understanding basic focal point merchandising needs and using cross-merchandising to increase impulse sales.
  • Working with display props to properly present merchandise and add visual excitement that not only garners customer attention but entertains them at the same time.
  • Controlling traffic flow while maximizing merchandise exposures — with major and minor emphasis.

This free webinar will be a content-rich 45-minute module followed by a 15-minute question and answer session.

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