Epicor Introduces Mobile Credit Card Payment Solution

Solution works with any smart phone or Apple iOS device.

Epicor Software Corporation has announced the availability of the mobile version of Epicor Payment Exchange, a complete payment processing solution for Epicor customers, now available with any smart phone and Apple iOS device – iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch.

Epicor Payment Exchange Mobile (EPX Mobile) is a free, downloadable app that runs on mobile devices and allows Epicor customers to accept credit card payments wherever their consumer is located. EPX Mobile can be used with a specially encrypted card reader to allow businesses to swipe the card right on the smart phone, lowering their total cost of the transaction and protecting the transaction with advanced security technology. The customer signs with a finger or optional stylus, and the receipt is emailed directly from the device to the customer.

“The selection of Epicor Payment Exchange was an easy decision for us,” said Virgil Cox, owner of Cox Hardware and Lumber. “We were looking for a new processor due to ever-increasing fees and it was crucial that the new solution was completely integrated with our Eagle solution, that it would also save the business time and money. Epicor Payment Exchange has delivered a seamless transition for customers and employees. Our company is saving nearly $5,000 per year in fees alone—Epicor Payment Exchange is a true plus for our business. It’s comforting for me to know that our customers’ data is secure—I rest easier knowing that I’m not storing sensitive customer data locally.”

“Epicor Payment Exchange was designed to help our customers lower costs, improve efficiency and easily access information. Now, with the introduction of EPX Mobile, retailers can accept credit card payments wherever their customers are – garden centers, sidewalk sales, deliveries and more - providing even more flexibility to better service their customers,” said Matt Mullen, general manager of Epicor Payment Exchange for Epicor.

Other benefits of the new Epicor Payment Exchange Mobile solution are:

  • Free to all Epicor Payment Exchange customers
  • Ability to track sales anytime through secure online access, no waiting for monthly statements
  • Easy to manage transactions—simply email the payment log
  • No third-party processors, relationships, or software to maintain

For more information about Epicor Payment Exchange Mobile, call 800.538.8597 and speak with an Epicor specialist, or e-mail