Rayovac Names Haggard & Stocking Outstanding Industrial Distributor

H&S earns top honor for Q3 sales performance.

Rayovac has awarded the Rayovac Industrial Outstanding Distributor Award to Haggard and Stocking for their third quarter which ended June 30th, 2013.

A reputable company in the realm of distribution, Haggard & Stocking enjoys a fruitful business relationship with a number of vendors nationwide. Their company philosophy has always been a commitment to providing quality service to their customers, employees, vendors, and communities in which they operate. Witnessing this philosophy first-hand, Rayovac has awarded Haggard & Stocking the title of top industrial distributor, further recognizing their commitment to excellence.

Haggard & Stocking sells a variety of Rayovac products including flashlights, headlights and batteries. 2013 is the first year Haggard & Stocking has focused on capturing battery sales from their customers, and based on acquired sales data, this decision has paid off. Crowning a winner of this distinguished award is no easy task.

Haggard & Stocking has enjoyed an excellent quarter and year thus far with Rayovac product sales. According to recently collected data, their distribution sales have increased exponentially. To top that, Haggard & Stocking’s sales for the current fiscal year have already exceeded sales from the previous fiscal year. In fact, when this fiscal year was only half complete, Haggard & Stocking had already increased their sales over last year by 35%.

A contributing factor to the appreciable increase in sales was the addition of 3 new Rayovac lights to the Haggard & Stocking product line (DIY3AAA-B, SE4W3CA, RNHL3AAA-B). Credit is also due to the Haggard & Stocking outside sales team. The sales team successfully utilized custom flyers to capture additional battery and light sales in the field. As a result, Haggard & Stocking has increased their lights and alkaline battery sales over last year.

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