Rayovac Industrial Launches B2B Online Store

Site enables B2B customers to buy and manage accounts online.

Rayovac announces the launch of its “Rayovac Ultra Pro Shop,” the ultimate online storefront for B2B transactions.

With 24/7 availability, Rayovac Ultra Pro Shop allows customers to place orders at their own convenience. The B2B storefront will feature the entire Rayovac product line and will include detailed product specifications and images.

The new online interface is both customizable and user friendly. The site allows customers (either current or new) to create an account by utilizing their email address and a customized password. Users can then login to see their account number, credit terms, MRO pricing, billing and shipping information. To protect sensitive data, Rayovac Ultra Pro Shop is a secure site.

The B2B storefront has been optimized for phones, tablets and desktops. With the newly designed “Cart” feature, making order adjustments is now easier than ever. When orders are adjusted, the revisions are automatically updated in the user’s cart. Users also have the option to conveniently duplicate a previous order by selecting the “Reorder” button.

Orders are customizable by selecting preloaded ship-to locations, which are then added to the customer’s PO. Also available for customer use is the option to hand key a one-time drop ship address or a new credit card for a one-time payment. Customers may select a future shipping date for their order, reference a unique purchase order, and list specific shipping instructions as well.

And for those who like to keep detailed purchasing records, a complete past order history is readily available with the option to print detailed order summaries.

Visit the Rayovac Industrial website to learn more: