Paslode Introduces 2 Year Service Promise

No cost, no questions asked service and repairs for eligible cordless systems.

Paslode announces a new 2 Year Service Promise that assures free, reliable service and repair for any eligible nailer. Good for any repair or service need from the date of purchase, the Paslode 2 Year Service Promise guarantees quality repairs using genuine factory parts, so its cordless nailers can consistently deliver the precision and power needed to ensure top-quality results all day, every day.

Additionally, as part of its commitment to customer satisfaction, Paslode promises to service and repair the tool under any circumstance, no questions asked. If a broken nailer is beyond repair and cannot be fixed, Paslode will replace it and issue another 2 Year Service Promise {1}.

Furthermore, Paslode ensures a three-day factory service turnaround and covers all shipping costs to receive and return the cordless nailer to the customer.

The 2 Year Service Promise applies to Paslode’s:

  • Li-ion Cordless Framing Nailer (CF325Li)
  • 16 Ga Angled Cordless Li-ion Nailer (IM250ALi) and
  • Cordless Roofing Nailer (CR175C), as well as the
  • Duo-Fast Cordless Roofing Nailer (DFCR175C).

There are three simple steps required to participate in the 2 Year Service Promise program. First, Paslode users enroll online at or by mail; those who enroll online will receive an additional two-month Service Promise extension.

Second, participants simply activate their account.

Finally, active members have the opportunity to initiate a service claim, which can be completed online as well as via phone or mail depending on the customer’s preference, and Paslode will provide a pre-paid mailing label, packing instructions and UPS locations for shipment of the product.

“As our customers increasingly rely on their cordless nailing systems on a daily basis, our goal is to help them keep their nailers in top condition with a simple, seamless service promise,” Rosset continued.

To learn more about Paslode or to participate in the new 2 Year Service Promise, visit or call 1-800-634-7373.

{1} Replacement limited to one per nailer type