Flexzilla Hose Wins Innovation Award

Takes product award at Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo show.

Flexzilla Pro Water Hose by Legacy Manufacturing Co. was a winner for product innovation in the 2013 Product Showcase at the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo last month.

The hose’s unique design allows for the ends of the hose to be replaced in the field if they are dysfunctional or worn.

“It’s an honor for our product to be recognized and appreciated as leading-edge by our customers,” says Legacy’s VP Matt Weems, who takes pride in expounding on the hose’s many benefits. “If the Flexzilla Pro Water Hose is damaged, the damaged section can be cut off and the fitting can be reattached to the remaining hose. This can prevent down time on the job and you save money by repairing the hose rather than replacing it.”

Flexzilla Pro Water Hose can also be tailor-made for a job. A custom length of hose can be purchased through a distributor.

The Pro Water Hose, introduced in 2013, is the latest in the family of Flexzilla products launched by Legacy Manufacturing Company in 2007. Flexzilla was born in response to customer demand for an air hose with flexibility in subzero temperatures. Legacy designed a revolutionary hose made of premium hybrid polymer material that has zero memory and will stay flat where it is rolled out. There is no kinking or coiling, even in subzero temperatures. Flexzilla Pro Air Hose is flexible in extreme temperatures, from  -40 degrees to 140 degrees under pressure.

Today the Flexzilla family serves the consumer and professional markets with air, water and garden hoses, pressure washer and a range of complimentary items. Flexzilla products are a signature day-glow green (chartreuse), trademarked by the company as ZillaGreen.

Legacy Manufacturing Company is a family-owned business located in Marion, Iowa that specializes in innovative, durable equipment for residential customers as well as professional automotive and industrial markets. It is a division of Weems Industries, founded in 1986. For more information, visit