Sioux Chief Debuts Drain Line Video

FinishLine Drain video showcases product features and installation techniques.

Rough plumbing manufacturer, Sioux Chief, announced the launch of a new FinishLine Drain product video that enables plumbing contractors and wholesalers to know more about Sioux Chief design innovation, product features and installation techniques.

The floor drain models are available in ongrade and flashing style and with round or square strainers. The floor cleanouts are available 3 through 6 inch sizes in cast iron bodies, ABS and PVC bodies and stainless steel bodies, with nickel bronze covers, stainless covers, and ductile iron covers.

“The FinishLine addresses the age-old problem of floor drains and floor cleanouts needing adjustment after the pour.” Said Rex Baer, Vice President of Product Development at Sioux Chief.

Key features of the FinishLine Drain are the coring sleeve and the coring plug, which takes the surrounding construction abuse and keeps the finish floor covering safe. Other available accessories separate the FinishLine from all other drains, including locator bristles, condensate funnels, debris screens and shim kits to ensure a level finish fixture.

The new Sioux Chief rough plumbing video series offers plumbing contractors need-to-know information about time, labor and money saving innovations in Sioux Chief’s Supply, Drainage and Support categories.

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