AGC Launches Private Insurance Exchange

Partners with Willis North America to launch exchange beginning this summer.

AGC of America is planning to launch a new private insurance exchange in cooperation with Willis North America this summer. The new exchange, which will be called "The AGC Alternative," will allow member firms to deliver better health insurance and related benefits to their employees at a lower cost.

"This new exchange will make it far easier for member firms to provide top quality health insurance and related benefits for their employees," said Stephen E. Sandherr, the association's chief executive officer. "Our members will now be able to secure the kind of convenient and discounted benefits that a growing number of large employers already enjoy."

The new private exchange should reduce costs and the administrative burden of providing insurance benefits for the 95% health insurance to their employees. And because the exchange will offer a broader range of options than typically available to individual firms, employers and their employees will get more of the benefits that meet their particular needs.

The new exchange will also make it easier for firms to comply with the Affordable Care Act requirements and, unlike many public exchanges, the new private exchange will also provide employees with the guidance and support they need to make good decisions.

Once AGC and Willis complete preparations, including securing a national insurance provider, each member firm will each be able to set up its own private company benefits exchange site for employees. Participating firms will then provide a stipend to their employees, who will use those funds to shop for health insurance and other benefits offered through the exchange. Learn more at