Using Instagram to Build Sales

Mobile photo sharing app gains fans among retailers.

If you thought Instagram, the image-sharing app owned by Facebook, was only meant for posting photos of meals and pets, then it’s time to reexamine.

The picture-sharing app wasn’t developed to push products or encourage users to shop. Instead, brands and retailers have to think outside of the box to intrigue a user. It’s the personableness of Instagram that followers seem to appreciate.

This can translate to behind-the-scene images (consider posting a snapshot of your store’s stockroom) or a day-in-the-life-of look (perhaps a video of your employees setting up the latest display in the lawn and garden section).

With 67 percent of the world’s top brands utilizing Instagram, it’s time for the hardware industry to get on board.

Even small retailers can use Instagram to their advantage.

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Source: National Hardware Show Industry Edge — Brianna McClane