Skyscrapers of the Future

These 14 futuristic skyscrapers are more than buildings.

These days, we think of tall buildings as profitable, if predictable, tools of real estate. But at one time, skyscrapers were as technologically exciting as the Space Race. The eVolo Skyscraper Competition, now in its ninth year, aims to recapture some of that excitement.

The annual competition asks designers to imagine new ways in which tall buildings could benefit societies — no matter how far fetched.

The winners of this year’s competition, which were announced last night, take the idea to the extreme: One scrapes trash from the great Pacific garbage patch. Another serves as an electromagnetic vertical accelerator to launch planes into the sky, lessening the dependence on jet fuel.

Still another harvests waste from abandoned mines for building.

It’s a pretty cool — if totally pie-in-the-sky — crop of projects.

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Source: Gizmodo Australia;