Kalamazoo Offers Abrasive Saw Optimization Service

Service matches customers with correct saw for their needs.

Kalamazoo Industries offers an abrasive saw optimization service for its customers purchasing a cutoff saw. The service is designed to ensure customers get the optimal saw for their requirements.

Optimization begins with an analysis of the customer’s workpiece, including the type of material, size and type of cut desired -- functional, ideal, or metallurgical. These factors determine the type and size saw, the options, and whether a Kalamazoo Industries base model saw is appropriate, or the customer needs a custom machine.

To ensure satisfaction, customers can supply the company with a sample of the material and then inspect the actual cut of the sample.

The type of cut desired is the key to optimization. If a customer’s workpiece will not need any secondary finishing, a functional cut is best. This is characterized by scorched metal and a ragged edge. Workpieces that typically require secondary finishing, such as grinding, need an ideal cut. Here, the metal has a smooth finish and crisp, sharp edges that require no finishing. For customers who use the saw for quality control and/or analytical testing, Kalamazoo Industries can deliver a saw that produces a metallurgical cut -- crisp edges and a mirror-polish surface.

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