Video: See the World's Tallest — Sand Castle!

CAT excavators build and then destroy the world's tallest sand castle.

So how do you top a bunch of excavators playing the world's most massive game of Jenga? You put them to use doing what they were designed for: building stuff. Except stuff, in this case, happens to be the world's tallest sand castle towering over 41 feet.

The gigantic sand castle—which was endorsed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's tallest—was partially constructed by five CAT earth movers, with humans taking care of the creation's finer details. It's of course all a big publicity stunt for CAT and its equipment, but anyone who's ever found themselves staring at a busy construction site will certainly appreciate the finale here when the giant machines turn on their creation and bring it crumbling down.

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Source: Gizmodo