Wells Fargo predicts ongoing construction industry improvement

Q4 2014 Construction Quarterly predicts 7.0 percent business investment growth and 10 percent increase in housing starts for 2015.

Construction activity continues to improve overall with regional ebbs and flows in the various non-residential and residential categories. Get a clearer view of the news and trends that are defining this slow but steady period of economic (and construction) growth in the Q4-2014 Construction Quarterly Newsletter.

"Almost a year ago, Wells Fargo Equipment Finance surveyed more than 500 industry executives and found them to be quite optimistic that construction activity for 2014 would improve compared to 2013," begins John Crum, national sales manager for Wells Fargo Equipment Finance Construction Group in his introduction to the quarterly report. "To a great degree, company executives of this industry have realized that sentiment. From our perspective and those that we talk with, 2014 was another year of growth for the industry."

"We are about to enter 2015 with some economic tailwinds that are foreshadowing another good year — although modestly better than the last," Crum added.

Several factors contribute to this improving construction climate, including a positively-trending U.S. GDP; business fixed investment growth from 6.8 to 7 percent for 2014 and 2015; a projected 10 percent increase in housing starts in 2015 over 2014; and a continually improving employment picture.

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