UFO Ballistic NailScrews celebrate 10 years of speed

Pneumatic screws go in up to 50% faster than collated screws — and can easily be unscrewed.

UFO Ballistic NailScrews (BNS), after 10 years in the market, remain the fastest way to assemble all project by pneumatically driving real screws that can easily be unscrewed, the company says. UFO offers 75 patented NailScrew designs that cover most applications including:

  • Crating and Pallets (testing report ranked BNS at the highest level, Multi-Use),
  • Subfloors and Shear Walls ( IAPMO ES Report #0133 / recognized internationally by IBC and IRC),
  • Wooden trailer flooring—TRAILER MASTER (The fastest way to install),
  • In-plant manufacturing,
  • Outdoor projects such as PTL decks and fencing (Requires special Ballistic NailScrew coatings made by PPG and PT2000 ZI/NI alloy).

UFO pneumatic and gas tools and many other applications are covered in the digital 90-page catalog. Visit for installation videos, project photos, testing reports, and technical information for designers, architects, and engineers.

Owners WC Litzinger and Jim Boyd point out the following:

  • "We have designed Ballistic NailScrews for almost every pneumatic and gas tool in the market today.
  • "Everyone from professional manufacturing to weekend DIY’ers can select a Ballistic NailScrew that will fit their tools and finish the projects in no time.
  • "Time studies consistently show up to 75% installation time savings compared to bulk screws or 50% time savings compared to collated screws, regardless of the application.
  • "Green manufacturing is huge in North American, and we hear many stories about crates and pallets being unscrewed and the wood being repurposed worldwide into houses, sheds, and picture frames.
  • "Resource repurposing is the future of our species and we are proud to be on the cutting edge of fastener designs that make it possible."

Contact UFO today for a free sample. Phone (800) 352-0028, 479-443-9292,
Reach WC Litzinger at 479-283-0525: or Jim Boyd at 479-283-0526:

UFO Ballistic NailScrews / “Drive them In; Screw them Out”