Klein Tools launches Buy Now program

Program links customers to online distributor sites for instant sales.

Klein Tools announces its innovative “Buy Now” service. This service utilizes Google AdSense for Shopping, which enables customers to browse for products, click “Buy Now” and then purchase products directly from distributor e-commerce websites in a seamless manner.

In the past, the “Buy Now” program was limited to a small number of distributors who had to pay fees to third-party shopping services. Now, the system can support any distributor who sells online as long as they upload a product feed to Google Shopping and promote the feed through Google Adwords. Then, the distributors will be eligible to appear within the list of results when a user clicks the “Buy Now” button.

For consumers, the new “Buy Now” system provides up to 30 vendors from which to purchase for each product. Furthermore, the end-user can comparison shop and go directly to the distributor’s e-commerce website to buy the product, making it a simpler purchasing process.

“We are excited to be the first in our industry partnering with Google to create a more comprehensive ‘Buy Now’ program for our distributors and end-users,” says Bryan McGraw, director of e-business for Klein Tools. “This new service will increase the number of distributors who can participate as well as expand a distributor’s e-commerce visibility and potential for sales. On the other hand, Klein end-users will benefit from a larger selection of e-commerce sites from which to buy and a more straight-forward purchasing process.”