What's Next: "No shadow" skyscrapers

Architects claim "no shadow" skyscraper will solve problem of tall buildings that block out the sun.

London — Architects claim to have devised a “no shadow” skyscraper that may solve the problem of tall buildings blotting out the sun.

A London-based firm has produced designs for a pair of precisely aligned towers with curved and angled facades which reflect light down on to the street below. In theory, one of the towers would reflect sunlight into the shadow of its sister tower, reducing the area of shade caused by the project as a whole.

Skyscrapers often face problems securing planning permission because of their impact on the surrounding cityscape. One main objection is the impact they can have on the nearby environment, casting shadows that can stretch for half a mile or more at sunset.

The designs have been created by NBBJ, a worldwide architectural practice, which has developed buildings for Cambridge University, Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

A spokesman said: “The ‘No Shadow Tower’ redirects sunlight to visibly reduce shadows at the base of the towers by 60% over typical buildings, providing more daylight for pedestrians.”

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Source:Montreal Gazette