Incoming! Freght boom drives warehouse growth in Georgia

Port of Savannah traffic growth intensifies warehouse and DC construction.

Garden City, Ga. — The business of marine transport here at the nation’s fourth-largest container port is a study in numbers.

Thirty-one oceangoing container vessels berth at the nearly 10,000-foot-long Garden City terminal each week. More than 8,000 trucks arrive and depart from the terminal daily. Garden City handled 3.3 million 20-foot containers last year, over 10 percent more container cargo than in 2013, and a record.

There are other numbers that are just as vital to this growing business, but not nearly so visible. Hidden behind the green curtain of Georgia pine forest that surrounds the terminal are 45.3 million square feet of logistics, storage and distribution centers, according to the Georgia Ports Authority, the terminal’s owner and operator.

“The link between the terminal and the distribution centers is essential to our operations,” said Curtis J. Foltz, executive director of the Georgia Ports Authority. “Our competitiveness is based on efficiency and connectivity, making sure products don’t sit around. The real estate developments are a partnership that makes expanding trade here possible.”

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Source: The New York Times