Construction hose made simple

Cut & Couple chart shows the top five construction hoses by use.

Construction industry pros know that having the proper hose for a specific task is vital. To help determine which hoses work best where, Cut & Couple has compiled a chart with the top five construction hoses and described the ways in which they can serve various needs.

The first is a multipurpose hose that is easy to use and very flexible. The hose has a cover that resists abrasion, heat and ozone.

The second is a textile cord hose that reinforced with spiraled, high tensile cords. Its tube is oil mist resistant.

Third is a steel wire hose that is capable of handling high pressure, heavy-duty use. The steel wire hose’s cover offers excellent abrasion and weather resistance. These three hoses are geared towards air and water purposes.

The other two are PVC layflat hoses. The fourth is an ironsides PVC layflat hose that is MSHA-accepted. This hose utilizes a premium quality PVC tube and cover for heavy duty uses.

The fifth is a vinylflow PVC layflat hose with a longitudinal strength member. The vinylflow PVC layflat hose is also known for its premium drip irrigation and water discharge capabilities.

These five construction hoses can handle any project workers in the construction industry may face. Once you have determined your unique needs, you can narrow down the options to find the perfect hose for your specific construction application.

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