Rockler launches Woodshop Calculator web-based design app

Provides step-by-step guide for designing and building frame-and-panel cabinet doors.

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has launched a powerful new Web-based application that makes it much easier for woodworkers and do-it-yourselfers to design and build perfect frame-and-panel cabinet doors.

The Woodshop Calculator ( guides users step by step through the design process. It prompts them to choose from seven different door styles, enter a few basic dimensions for the cabinet opening and door parts and specify the overlay or inset desired.

The calculator takes those figures and instantly generates a complete plan for the door that includes a cut list detailing the measurements of each part and how many of each are needed. Users can print out the plan and cut list to have with them when they buy materials and machine parts.

"This online software saves time, frustration and money," said Steve Krohmer, Rockler's vice president for product marketing and strategy. "When you're planning a cabinet door project, all the measuring and math can take hours, especially if you're dealing with a lot of doors. Mistakes are easy to make, and they can be both maddening and expensive. This software takes care of all the calculations so users can focus on building their custom doors."

The online Woodshop Calculator is a complete overhaul of an earlier desktop version that worked only on PCs. With the new version, users purchase a license key that gives them access to the program for 30 days or a full year. Because the software is Web-based, users can access it on all their devices with one account. It works on Macs, PCs, tablets and even smartphones for on-the-go use.

Beyond providing portability and platform independence, the new Web-based Woodshop Calculator allows users to name and save their projects online for later access. Plans for individual doors can be saved within projects and copied or edited, which saves time when designing multiple doors of the same style that differ only in overall dimensions. (Users continue to have access to previously created projects even after their license has expired, but they'll need to renew the license to make changes or additions.)

The Woodshop Calculator also makes it easy to keep all the pieces of a large cabinet project organized by automatically generating labels to identify each one.

If users are building arched or cathedral-style doors, the Woodshop Calculator also tells them which Rockler Arched or Cathedral Door Templates they will need to shape the curve on the door's top rail and center panel. Precut and perfectly shaped, the Arched and Cathedral Door Templates (sold separately) are available in two-template sets organized according to the length of the door rails. Ten sets are available for each door type.

The Woodshop Calculator joins Rockler's complete line of door-making products, which includes the Arched and Cathedral Door Templates, a large selection of door-making router bits and the comprehensive JIG IT system of hinge-mounting jigs and templates.

The 30-day Woodshop Calculator license key (58314) is priced at $9.99. The Arched and Cathedral Door Templates range from $12.99 to $14.99. All can be purchased at or Rockler Woodworking and Hardware stores nationwide, as well as through the Rockler catalog. For store locations or a free catalog, visit or call 1-877-ROCKLER.