Enerpac launches Enerpac Academy

Promotes safety with in-house training on high-pressure hydraulic tools.

Enerpac has developed an in-house training program, Enerpac Academy, to offer Enerpac product operators and maintenance staff the opportunity to be trained in the use and maintenance of high-pressure hydraulic tools.

With a focus on how these tools work and how they should be maintained, Enerpac Academy enables operators to learn how to use the tools safely and properly. In addition, there is focused training for sales representatives to understand typical applications and the benefits and features of using Enerpac products.

Featuring a designated classroom area and product demonstration area, training centers are designed to be highly interactive with a strong hands-on learning approach. With dedicated tools available in all Enerpac Academy workshops, participants experience live demonstration, practical training, tool repair and service training.

“Enerpac Academy training centers are located at the same facility as our main manufacturing and distribution centers worldwide,” said Doug Dray, Enerpac’s Academy Leader from the Columbus location. “This gives our customers the ability to tour these facilities and meet key internal contacts.”

Training centers are located in Columbus, Wisconsin (USA), Ede (The Netherlands) and Hosur, Bangalore area (India).

“Enerpac Academy training centers offer our product operators and maintenance staff an opportunity to learn beyond a simple manual,” said Eric Joon, Enerpac’s Training Manager from the Ede location. “Each center features a meticulously compiled training program covering tool knowledge, repairs and maintenance, and safe operation of our hydraulic tools.”

With a variety of courses available, ranging from bolting techniques and industrial tools and service repair to safety and application training, Enerpac Academy provides a comprehensive program. All courses are led by a qualified Enerpac specialist capable of delivering high-quality training. A written or practical exam is included in certain training courses.

The Enerpac Academy offers standard training courses and specialized training services to meet specific needs. On-site training is also an option for those who cannot attend a training center.

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