Three Spee-Dee employees celebrate 20-year anniversaries

Mark Navin, Ron Fojtik and Timm Johnson joined Spee-Dee in 1995.

The success of any company is typically due in large part to the longevity and skill of its people. That’s certainly the case with Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery, which is celebrating a significant milestone in 2015 with the 20-year anniversary of three employees. Mark Navin, Ron Fojtik and Timm Johnson all launched their careers at Spee-Dee in 1995 and today hold key leadership positions within the company.

Left to Right: Timm Johnson, Mark Navin and Ron Fojtik launched their careers with Spee-Dee in 1995.   

Timm Johnson
Timm Johnson’s first day on the job as a national sales manager was on Feb. 5, 1995. In the past 20 years, Timm has taken great satisfaction in watching the company steadily grow.

“We have grown from a little known player in the market to the leader with many Fortune 500 food companies,” said Johnson, now Spee-Dee’s Vice President, Sales and Marketing. “We are well known throughout the packaging industry; we are considered the best at what we do. That has been extremely rewarding.”

Mark Navin
Mark Navin began his career at Spee-Dee as a Sales Coordinator on Aug. 1, 1995. He attributes his longevity at Spee-Dee to working with great people who share a common whatever-it-takes attitude to getting the job done.

“The thing I enjoy most about working at Spee-Dee is helping customers solve their problem by seeing a new project through from start to finish,” Navin said, who is now a Strategic Account Manager.

Ron Fojtik
When it comes anything electrical, Ron Fojtik is the resident expert. Fojtik, who began at Spee-Dee in November 1995, has held a variety of positions including:

  • Electrical Designer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Electrical Engineering Manager
  • Engineering Manager
  • Director of Electrical Engineering

Today, Fojtik is the Director of Electrical Engineering/IT Manager, and says the thing he enjoys most about working at Spee-Dee is the family atmosphere and customer interaction he partakes in every day.

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