DMT DuoSharp Diamond Bench Stone turns sweet 16

Continues nearly 40-year tradition of innovation.

Woodworkers, remodelers and DIYers alike know the first rule of workshop maintenance: Sharpen your tools. And for nearly 40 years, DMT Diamond Machining Technology has strived to provide them with the best products for just that purpose.

Sixteen years ago, DMT introduced a sharpening stone that has become invaluable and essential. The DuoSharp Diamond Bench Stone is proven, versatile and durable. It turns a typically messy, costly and time-consuming chore into an effortless, satisfying routine. In fact, Tommy MacDonald, host of the PBS program, Rough Cut with Tommy Mac, says he uses his moments sharpening with DMT as a way to “get in the zone and clear his head” while working on various projects in his shop.

With its precision flatness, the DuoSharp is guaranteed to provide fast, clean and consistent results every time. Its iconic, polka-dot patterned surface, an innovation designed and developed by DMT, is often imitated in appearance, but never equaled in quality or function.

It self-cleans during sharpening to ensure continuous edge contact and allows for long, even sharpening strokes to accommodate a variety of edges—from gouges and carving tools to utility knives and plane blades and beyond.

And, because it is double-sided, the DuoSharp makes sharpening even more convenient. Each side offers a different diamond grit and provides a large 10-inch by 4-inch surface. Four different grit combinations are available: Coarse/Extra-Coarse, Fine/Coarse, Extra-Fine/Fine and Extra-Fine/Coarse.

The stone comes with a non-skid mat to improve safety and ease of use. An optional locking base, which is perfect for workbench use, features non-skid rubber feet and provides 2-inch knuckle clearance to ensure safe and secure sharpening.

Like all DMT products, the DuoSharp is proudly Made in the USA and features the DMT Difference: superior diamond coverage and uniformity combined with unrivaled flatness. DMT sharpeners feature the most diamond per square inch in the industry and a proprietary process that ensures near-perfect consistency in grit size, and they are engineered to be the flattest sharpeners on the market.

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