McCarthy Building Companies signs multi-year agreement with NoteVault

Nation’s 12th largest builder to license mobile daily reporting technology to increase transparency and productivity.

NoteVault, aprovider of patented, innovative voice-to-text-based mobile reporting solutions for the construction industry, announced that McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. has signed a multi-year, multi-user enterprise agreement.

The firm, recognized as one of the 12th largest commercial construction companies in the US, will leverage NoteVault’s mobile daily reports technology platform to increase transparency and productivity across projects throughout the United States.

“We’re standardizing our daily reporting software to NoteVault in order to get greater visibility into our projects and to receive real-time notification of happenings on the jobsite. We evaluated several software providers and found that NoteVault was by far the best in class and offered significant advantages for our onsite team and clients,” said Michael Oster, Vice President/CIO Information Technology for McCarthy

McCarthy, one of the oldest construction companies in the US, was founded in 1864 and provides end-to-end workflow solutions—from preconstruction through completion.

“We have a long-standing relationship with McCarthy and have been by their side on numerous projects over the years. We are pleased that they have decided to use NoteVault companywide,” said Ken May, NoteVault CCO. “With this enterprise agreement, McCarthy will now benefit by using NoteVault on all of their projects”.

McCarthy workers will use the NoteVault Notes application on their mobile device enabling them to quickly dictate notes and photos into the customizable daily report template. They can also edit their notes and add comments to other team member’s notes directly within the app. NoteVault’s professional staff transcribes these voice recordings into text, adds the related photos and sends out daily PDF reports to the customer’s team every morning.

Depending on their user role, key stakeholders can also view notes on their device from all users in a continuous newsfeed that gives them real-time access to events as they happen. This reduces delays and increases productivity. Categories and issues can be tagged within the app, and GPS tagging of location is automatic to enable quick pinpointing of where a note was taken.

NoteVault provides patented voice-to-text-based mobile reporting solutions for the engineering and construction industries. NoteVault enables users to quickly and easily report project activity from the field using nothing but their voice and their mobile phone. This information is transcribed and made available through email or a web-based interface. NoteVault saves both time and money, while protecting against potential lawsuits. For more information, please visit