Insite Software and Enterworks partner on customized eCommerce platform

New solution helps companies transform product information into online content.

Insite Software and Enterworks announce that the two companies have joined together to deliver a customized B2B eCommerce platform integrated with dynamic content management capabilities.

As B2B organizations move to eBusiness to support better customer experiences and higher growth, many struggle with the prospect of feeding these channels with rich, accurate and complete product data and properly marketing their offerings to drive business.

The Insite/Enterworks partnership provides organizations with the industry’s leading eCommerce platform “purpose-built” to meet the unique needs of the B2B space alongside key capabilities for acquiring, managing and transforming a company’s product information into persuasive content to support marketing, sales and omnichannel commerce.

The Enterworks Enable platform and workflow engine provides a “single view of content” for business users delivering product information and content in collaboration with colleagues, whether for executing new product catalog launches or synchronizing and delivering online and offline marketing campaigns.

The dynamic data modeling capability across an enterprise enables a company to continuously update and differentiate its offerings as the product set, target customers, and competitive landscape evolves. This capability provides the mechanism to serve content to eCommerce and print catalogs alike, with a seamless portal for collaborating with vendors and the ability to precisely deliver content to connected mobile and network devices, resulting in compelling and differentiated offers for digitally-enabled, highly-demanding customers.

“The consumerization of the B2B space continues to advance, further increasing the pressure on manufacturers and distributors to provide dynamic content in the context of a selling occasion to the B2B buyer,” stated Rick Chavie, chief executive officer, Enterworks. “This partnership augments the value of Insite’s best-in-class B2B eCommerce platform with the presentation of compelling content across channels at every stage of the buying process. This supports a rich customer experience -- whether the buyer is researching products, reviewing order specifications with a sales representative, or executing a self-service transaction.”

Insite Software powers the Connected Commerce Suite (CCS) for leading global manufacturers and distributors that brings together commerce, channels and content/data to drive better B2B buyer and B2C user experiences and higher sales. Insite CCS is used by many leading companies to digitize and engage dealers, franchisers, sales reps, stores, contractors, buyers and consumers, is fully integrated with leading ERP, CRM and Web Content Management systems, and can be flexibly deployed either on premise or in public/private clouds. Learn more about Insite Software at