Bartell launches Screed Education Month

Bartell Morrison selects screed products for its second Education Month program.

"Why are we doing Screed Education Month?" asks Jeff Durgin, president of Bartell Morrison USA.

"After the success of our Shotblasting Education Month in April, we’ve decided to continue the series and teach about another one of our signature products, our vibratory screed line. With many years of experience in manufacturing and using screed, we want to challenge misconceptions about screeding, provide practical education, and show you how effective screeding can take your business to the next level."

Screeding is one of the first steps after placing the concrete. This step in the finishing operation is the most important in producing a flat or super flat surface and takes place immediately after the placing of the concrete. It must be completed before excess bleed water appears on the surface. In reality, the better this step is performed, the better the final product.

Screed technology has come a long way from two guys and a 2x4. In August, Bartell looks at today's latest options for effective screeding. Click here to learn more.