MovinCool issues 2015 spot air conditioner catalog

Expanded line includes Climate Pro 12 portable heat pump.

MovinCool, a brand of DENSO Corp., has released its 2015 spot air conditioner product catalog. The 20-page guide features the entire line of MovinCool portable air conditioners and heat pumps, along with accessories and technical specifications for all 14 models.

The new catalog includes MovinCool’s latest model, the Climate Pro 12, which becomes available this fall. Like the Climate Pro 18 introduced last year, the new model combines cooling and heating capabilities in a single, self-contained unit.

“From offices to assembly lines, we continue to set the standard for meeting climate control needs in the workplace,” said MovinCool Sales Manager David Keller. “We also continue to deliver solutions that are reliable, energy-efficient and cost-effective.”

To view an interactive online version or download a PDF of MovinCool’s 2015 spot air conditioner catalog, visit MovinCool’s product line of ceiling-mount air conditioners is available separately at

MovinCool, a pioneer of workspace spot cooling since the 1980s, offers portable and ceiling-mount air conditioning systems for many different office, information technology and industrial applications. MovinCool’s industry-leading warranty covers parts and labor on the entire unit for three years. For more information, visit