The next 2x4?

Thermoplastic-mineral composite boards are lighter and more durable than wood.

Eovations, LLC, an affiliate of Universal Forest Products, said its patented Eovations thermoplastic-mineral composite technology has demonstrated “game changing performance” in diverse industrial, agricultural and building products since the groundbreaking technology was introduced in 2012.

Kevin Nichols, Research Director, reported that the first wave of commercial success for boards from Eovations composite technology has included Eotek siding and a new decking product from parent company Universal Forest Products, as well as pallets, rig mats, concrete forms and door applications introduced by other customers. Eovations, LLC is aggressively pursuing additional applications in collaboration with product manufacturers globally.

Nichols said the excellent impact resistance, flexural strength and chemical and water resistance of boards from Eovations technology have attracted considerable interest for industrial applications. Producers of residential, commercial, agricultural, and other outdoor building components particularly value the durability of the composite boards under harsh weather conditions, he said.

Boards from Eovations technology are produced using a proprietary extrusion/drawing process, which combines mineral particles with a thermoplastic matrix, creating a fibrous and molecularly-oriented lineal composite system. The resulting revolutionary material can improve upon the properties of wood while overcoming the strength-to-weight ratio limitations of wood-plastic composites.

Nichols said composite boards from Eovations technology provide a unique combination of durability, low expansion/contraction characteristics, low weight (low density) and the best strength- or stiffness-to-weight ratio of any thermoplastic composite.

The composite boards replicate the fibrous structure of wood, resulting in a lineal that cannot be broken in transverse-to-machine-direction flexural loading or impact. Because the composite boards contain no organic ingredients, they are not affected by exposure to moisture, sunlight or microbes.

The plastic phase of composite boards from Eovations technology can be comprised of up to 100% recycled material, contributing to a favorable environmental profile. Eovations composite technology and the extruded oriented production technology used to produce composite boards are protected by more than 40 patents filed worldwide.

Composite boards produced using Eovations technology are supplied exclusively by Eovations, LLC from its commercial-scale production facility in Selma, Alabama, USA. Nichols said the extrusion technology used to produce composite broads is versatile and flexible, enabling the production of composites with physical and performance properties tailored to specific application requirements.

“We work closely and confidentially with customers to develop applications that take full advantage of the unique performance advantages of the composite technology while fully protecting their intellectual property,” he stated.

“The possibilities created by Eovations composite technology extend significantly beyond traditional applications for wood and wood-¬plastic composites. This is a game-changing lineal technology that can be used almost anywhere a lighter, stronger, longerā€ lasting material is needed. By working collaboratively with customers, we can help them realize the full potential of composite boards in their commercial applications.”

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