Posted November 11, 2015

DDI System releases Inform ERP Version 14

Free user upgrade includes a purchasing system that enables precisely forecasted purchase orders.

DDI System, a leading ERP solution provider for wholesale distributors, has released the latest version of their Inform ERP Software, Version 14.

According to Jon Schreibfeder, president of Effective Inventory Management, Inc., "DDI System has successfully implemented much of our inventory management research and up-to-date 'best practices' ideas in their software."

Every Inform ERP user receives this free upgrade, which now includes a purchasing system that rivals sophisticated and costly third-party procurement solutions.

Inform ERP’s new Advanced Demand Management focuses on identifying and managing exceptions to deliver precisely forecasted purchase orders. Distributors gain more inventory turns and profit-making opportunities, finer control over sporadic and slower-moving items, less overstock & carefully managed branch inventory. Realize greater cash flow & year-over-year profit gains.

Demand Analysis
Inform ERP looks deep into every branches product demand, identifying Unusual, Sporadic, and Recurring demand patterns.

More accurate, reliable forecasts are calculated with automated forecast method assignment. The recommended forecast approach is identified for every product, in every one of your branches.

Inform enables fast purchase order calculations with a continuous reorder quantity update. With every transaction that impacts stock levels, a real-time reorder quantity is recalculated, creating instantaneous vendor replenishment projections.

The new 'Projected Purchase Order' is a powerful, single screen purchasing view, incorporating every detail that goes into crafting the ‘Perfect Purchase Order’. Multi-location replenishment quantity, 'branch overstock to transfer' guidance, and hover help reveal every element of an items reorder quantity calculation.

DDI System's Inform ERP can replace sophisticated, standalone forecasting and purchasing systems and is more powerful than any standard ERP purchasing module. With DDI’s Version 14, Inform can easily master your inventory and purchasing challenges.

This feature is changing the way Inform ERP users are stocking their inventories, decreasing overhead costs of inventory investment and achieving higher profitability. To learn more visit or call 877-599-4334 for a demonstration.