Posted January 27, 2016

ET&F Panelfast pins earn new ICC-ES evaluation report

Pins comply with 2015, 2012 and 2009 IBC and IRC.

ET&F Fastening Systems, Inc. has received evaluation report ESR-1777 from ICC Evaluation service confirming its Panelfast pneumatically driven pins comply with the code requirements of the 2015, 2012 and 2009 International Building Codes (IBC) and International Residential Codes (IRC).

The new evaluation report recognizes Panelfast pins used to attach wood structural panel sheathing to cold-formed steel framing to construct shear wall assemblies used to resist wind or seismic loads. The report provides engineers, architects and building officials with design values for shear wall assemblies along with equations to enable calculation of deflections as required in the building codes. This report is the result of full scale shear wall testing at an accredited laboratory as required by ICC ES Acceptance Criteria.

ET&F Fastening Systems, Inc., headquarter in Solon, Ohio, is a manufacturer of pneumatic tools and high carbon, heat treated ballistic pointed drive pins. ET&F pneumatically driven pins offer a labor saving alternative to traditional screw fasteners used in cold formed steel framing.

The company’s pneumatic tools operate using conventional portable air compressors enabling the high carbon heat treated pins to be driven into steel framing as thick as 14ga at the speed of nailing to wood.

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