Posted February 16, 2016

Green Seal seeks stakeholders for new insulation standard

Industry professionals can participate in developing new standard.

Green Seal, the nation's first independent nonprofit certifier of sustainable products and services, is developing a new environmental leadership standard for Architectural Thermal Insulation Materials, GS-54. Green Seal invites all interested parties to participate by registering as stakeholders at

Green Seal is looking for suggestions and comments from a broad audience including manufacturers, construction companies, institutional purchasers, consumer groups, health and environmental organizations, and other interested parties.

The new standard is being developed to help purchasers identify and choose insulation products that are environmentally preferable, and to guide manufacturers in the design of these products. The standard will also be the basis for determining which products in this category may be certified by Green Seal.

The standard will establish requirements for performance and protection of health and the environment. Green Seal will be seeking comments on its market review and proposed standard to ensure that the requirements provide an accurate reflection of the environmental leadership products that are available in today’s insulation market.

All feedback received during the Open Comment Period will be reviewed and considered for the final version of the standard. A response to all comments will be published on Green Seal’s website, and the final standard will be published in subsequent weeks.

Visit the Green Seal standard development page for more information on the Architectural Thermal Insulation Materials Standard (GS-54) in development.

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