Posted March 16, 2016

Exclusive: Answering customer power trowel buying questions

How to answer the top contractor questions about power trowel purchases.

For a contractor, there is nothing worse than buying a piece of equipment and quickly realizing that he should have gone with another option. This can be especially frustrating (and detrimental) when buying a power trowel.

With so many different brands, options and technologies out there, where should they start? The key an informed decision is to identify what your customer actually needs from his machines.

Here are three key questions to ask to determine your customer's needs:

1) How often will my company be using this trowel?
If your contractor plans on using a power trowel almost every day of the week, he will want to look at something that is built to last. HIs profits will go down the drain very fast if he is spending time and money on repairs that could have been avoided by choosing something better suited to his needs.

In the industry, some walk-behinds are built for everyday use, and some are not. This doesn’t mean that the lower quality machines are bad, but it does mean they will be more susceptible to wear issues when used often.

2) How long do I want to keep this machine?
Depending on your customer's business, he may want something that will last two years or 10 years. Rental operations, for example, usually don’t want to keep stock for too long because as new technology comes out, they want to be able to offer different options to their customers.

On the other hand, contractors are normally happy with longevity. They get very comfortable with their machine over many jobs and don’t need to fix what isn’t broken.

3) What type of warranty do I need?
Another aspect of this question is warranty. Most manufacturers offer a one-year warranty, but a select few offer up to three years. If your customer is planning on keeping his purchase for longer than two years, he may want to go with the longer warranty. This has the potential to save him money and maximize his profits.

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About the author:  Jeff Durgin is the President of Bartell USA. He has over 30 years experience in the rental industry, concrete equipment, and diamond blades just to name a few. Visit to learn more.