Posted March 16, 2016

STAFDA convention hotel scams reappear

STAFDA convention rooms will not be available until June 27. 

Along with Spring, hotel scammers are also popping up early this year. Contractor Supply's offices have already received two solicitations from scammers offering rooms for STAFDA convention attendees this November in Atlanta.

Do not fall for them.  

STAFDA room block rooms do not become available until June 27, the same day that online convention registration opens from the members-only section of STAFDA's website.

On June 27, attendees may begin contacting STAFDA's official host hotels directly and request STAFDA's room block rates. Those hotels are:

  • Omni CNN Hotel: (404) 659-0000
  • Double Tree Atlanta: (404) 688-8600
  • Westin Peachtree Atlanta: (404) 659-1400

Again, STAFDA room blocks will be open for attendee booking on June 27.

For more information, visit