Posted March 23, 2016

OSHA silica rule — Make your voice heard

CSDA creates letter that companies can send to their congressional representatives. 

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) proposed a rule to limit exposure levels for silica dust in 2013. Three years later, the proposed rule is still threatening many industries—including our own—and will be finalized imminently. In the meantime, the rulemaking is creating significant uncertainty for a number of industries around the U.S. including construction, oil and natural gas, foundries, aggregates, brick manufacturers, maritime and many more.
CSDA has created a template letter that can be tailored by individual companies and sent to their local Member of Congress. This letter is based on a sample letter provided by another association within the Construction Industry Safety Coalition (CISC), which is working to repel the new silica rule. CSDA is a member of this coalition along with 24 other trade association. 
The silica exposure limits set in the rule are unworkable unless companies shoulder the cost of implementing a host of prescribed engineering and work practice controls. Even if companies implement these costly controls, commercial laboratories have not been able to measure workplace silica levels with accuracy or consistency making it nearly impossible for employers to determine if they are in compliance. 
We cannot stand by while another burdensome and unworkable regulation is piled on the industry. Many in our industry are small businesses still struggling to recover from an unsettled economy. 
Please click here to download the sample letter in Word format, which can be quickly edited to fit your company’s details and placed on official letterhead. Whether you are a member of CSDA or not, you are encouraged to send a letter to help your company and the whole industry.
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