Posted March 27, 2016

DDI System releases Inform ERP v.21.0.15

Update adds improved cycle count analysis, expanded inventory visibility and 20 new dashboards.

DDI System, a leading ERP software provider for wholesale distributors, released Inform ERP version 21.0.15, with significant new features for Wholesale Distributors.

Innovative developments include cycle count analysis, expanded inventory visibility and new key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards. Inform ERP adds a full mobile selling suite, including orders and quotes, with an intuitive CRM activity scheduling workflow.

These latest tools enable distributors to gain a better understanding of their business performance, achieve better inventory control and empower sales teams with the CRM information they need to excel.

•Cycle Count Scheduling – Keep your inventory in check with rank-driven analysis and count scheduling for each warehouse. Driven by Inform’s automated cycle count analysis, the Cycle Count Scheduler plans daily counts that focus on your fastest moving, most important products.

• Inventory Visibility – Instantly determine where your products are throughout the entire receiving, picking, transferring and delivery workflow. Drive out the costs of tracking down misplaced stock or inventory in transit, regardless of the number.

• KPI Dashboards – 20 new Key Performance Indicators drive business decisions on sales, collections, and inventory. Track these pivotal metrics down to the branch, customer, product, and salesperson level to make quick decisions based on facts, not just intuition.

• Mobile Contacts & Activities – Sales teams now have mobile access to their quotes, orders, contacts, and CRM activities. Monitor backorders, territory sales and profit performance, and identify and act on sales opportunities driven by Inform’s unique Due-to-Buy sales history analysis.

“Our developers constantly optimize DDI’s Inform ERP software for vertical market success. As wholesale distribution evolves, we are quick to add new tools and enhance features that enable Inform users to be the customer service leader in their markets. These free upgrades are one of the many reasons DDI System has the highest satisfaction rating in the ERP industry,” says Barbara Jagoe, DDI System COO.

If you are looking to optimize your inventory, increase overall productivity and reach higher profit levels, it’s time to evaluate this latest release of Inform ERP by DDI System.

DDI System's Inform ERP distribution management software is the award winning, industry specific solution for wholesale suppliers. DDI’s Inform software combines everyday operational benefits in accounting, inventory, sales, purchasing and pricing with the latest sales driving tools such as cloud connectivity, mobile apps, CRM, real-time e-commerce and more. Distributors can see the many benefits of Inform ERP software at or by calling DDI System for a complimentary demonstration at 877-599-4334.