Posted March 30, 2016

BECK Staples — Much more than just "Out of This World"

Products meet exacting standards for fastener usage in outer space. 

Featuring the provocative statement, “You would be surprised where you can find our products!” and a large picture of a satellite in outer space, the latest advertising campaign from the BECK Fastener Group provides what could be the ultimate usage case to demonstrate their ability to create fasteners that meet even the most demanding needs requiring special solutions.

Why BECK staples in outer space? The Austrian company RUAG Space GmbH based in Vienna tasked the BECK Fastener Group with the development of a unique type of staple, one that could be used to secure multi-layered insulation in the process of producing of space satellites.

The staples affix hook and loop fastening material (similar to Velcro brand) to the characteristic silver and gold multi-layered insulation blankets. This holds the insulation firmly on the satellites, giving them their customary appearance.

The manufacture of these BECK Space Staples required the definition of special production processes, including the ability to trace them through the entire process of production. The BECK team even developed a special alloy for the space environment, working in cooperation with RUAG Space.

To accommodate further processing in special clean rooms at RUAG Space, it was necessary to deliver the BECK Space Staples completely free of grease. This meant adjusting the production process to meet this requirement: production machines are degreased, and the staples can only be touched with silicon gloves, then packed in special Mylar-bags for shipment.

"The durability of a staple under the extreme conditions of outer space is a completely new area for us. Through the professional and interesting cooperation with RUAG Space, we were once more able to expand our wealth of experience," explains Stefan Siemers, Director Research and Development of the BECK Fastener Group.

The BECK Fastener Group is a full-range provider of fastener solutions, offering a wide range of staples, nails, pins and brads. Besides the broad array of standard fasteners, the company has begun developing more system-oriented solutions, most of which are specially designed to meet specific customer demands.

The BECK Space Staple probably represents the most exceptional usage situation for a BECK fastening solution. In fact, it is used for several satellite projects involving RUAG Space GmbH, even scheduled to reach as far as the Mars orbit aboard the "ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter“ satellite which launched in March, 2016 and is scheduled to arrive there seven months later.

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