Posted April 11, 2016

APA video briefs cover framing with engineered wood

Topics include joist spacing, wall bracing, advanced framing and using I-joists.

APA – The Engineered Wood Association is reporting strong interest in its new series of short online “Video Briefs” that address key construction tips and topics. The videos, all under six minutes in length, are available for free viewing on the Association’s website,, and YouTube channel.

“We know that building professionals are looking for short, easy-to-access online resources that can be viewed from desktop platforms or mobile devices,” said Marilyn Thompson, market communications director for APA. “Our new online videos cover topics such as panel spacing and nailing, energy-saving construction techniques, and wall bracing. They complement our more detailed publications and give the viewer a quick snapshot of these popular topics.”

In 2015, APA reported 16,250 views of the seven videos in the online series. Additional programs are planned for this year. Titles in the Video Brief Series include:

Prevent Buckling with Proper Spacing: Explains the importance of leaving a 1/8-inch space between panel edge and end joints, as well as helpful hints to ensure proper spacing. Video length: 3:26.

Simplified Wall Bracing: Four Steps to Code-Compliant Walls: Outlines how APA’s simplified wall bracing method greatly reduces the complexity of determining whether wall bracing meets the code for many common home designs. Video length: 2:23.

Wall Bracing: Satisfy the Code with Strong, Resilient, Fully Sheathed Walls: Describes the basic principles of creating strong, resilient, IRC-compliant walls. Video length: 5:37.

Advanced Framing: Meet Structural Code and Energy Requirements: Explains basic techniques of advanced framing, one of the most cost-effective framing solutions for builders trying to balance energy and structural building code requirements. Video length: 4:26.

Inside Advanced Framing: How to Build Energy-Saving Homes: Describes advanced framing techniques that meet structural code and energy requirements. Video length: 5:12.

Inside I-Joist Floors: Improve Performance with Thicker Sheathing and Deeper I-Joists: Using deeper, stiffer and stronger I-joists at 24 inches on center in combination with thicker floor sheathing, this floor system makes it easier to install ductwork and plumbing, uses about 1/3 fewer components, comes together faster, and results in a premium-performance floor. Video length: 3:45.

ENERGY STAR Home Certification: Advanced Framing Techniques for Comfortable, efficient homes: Using advanced framing techniques, builders can strike an optimum balance between energy efficiency, structural performance, and affordability. Video length: 3:52.

The videos are featured in the Design/Build section of the APA website and are listed in the online Resource Library: under the keyword “Video Briefs.”

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