Posted April 19, 2016

Epicor expands cloud support for distributors

Epicor cloud-first platforms help distributor productivity and customer service with mobile, e-commerce and business intelligence tools.

Epicor Software Corporation today announced the expansion of its cloud-first focus to enable distributors to embrace digital transformation strategies and thrive in an ever-changing, highly competitive marketplace.

Today, more than 100 Epicor customers are already running their businesses with successful cloud deployments of Epicor Prophet 21.

Leveraging a half-century of distribution industry knowledge and expertise, the end-to-end distribution solution offers the same deep functionality whether deployed in the cloud or on premises—from open ecommerce platforms, to mobile sales and field services, to wireless sales counters and warehouses, to advanced inventory management and customer optimization tools.

Building on this success, Epicor is expanding its cloud and modern technology focus to support digital transformation and future growth for distributors looking for ways to reduce costs, streamline operations, and improve the bottom line.

“Cloud computing and e-commerce have upended the traditional distribution business model,” said Janie West, senior vice president and chief product officer, Epicor. “As more digital natives are entering the workforce, business-to-business customers want empowerment and self-service anytime, anywhere. Simply having a website is no longer enough to satisfy the demands of the modern buyer—distributors have to invest in the right IT infrastructure to deliver an enhanced customer experience and support business growth.”

Empowering the ‘Digital Distributor’ to transform customer experience

“Digital business drives demand for application offerings that are integrated/integrable, provide an enviable user experience, and are Web, cloud and mobile native,” according to a recent report from Gartner. Furthermore, “Recent technological evolutions have the potential to change the way businesses, operations, people, customers and suppliers interact and engage with each other to expand usage of machines and the Internet of Things (IoT) in an era of interconnected potential.”1

Supporting the pivotal transformation that is underway, Epicor also announced today it will continue doubling-down on helping distributors adapt to these shifting dynamics of the marketplace—with an added focus to ushering customers’ journey to leverage the power of cloud-based solutions to drive increased productivity and achieve a differentiated customer experience to grow their business.

Epicor is building on its solutions suite approach to enable the modern distributor to transform any business into an omni-channel powerhouse by integrating enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), ecommerce, mobility, and business intelligence in the environment that best positions them for growth.

Based on open technology architecture, Epicor gives customers a choice of ecommerce solutions that allow them to grow their digital presence to compete with competition coming from every direction. Customers are able to extend their business to not only reach more customers and increase sales but to communicate business value, offer great customer service and response times, and to differentiate and compete with big volume-based distributors.

Investing in next-generation, action-oriented analytics to drive better business decisions
Epicor continues to evolve its strong reporting and analytical tools to ensure distributors always know who their best customers are, where profit is coming from, and where the opportunities for growth lie.

Empowered with modern tools to understand purchasing habits, implement strategic pricing, improve vendor supplier processes, and more—enables smart decision making that improves the customer experience while saving time, cutting costs, and driving more sales.

Additionally, Epicor solutions help ensure sales and services teams stay competitive and productive through mobility—giving them real-time information through mobile devices and real-time responsiveness to drive more sales in less time. CRM data, business reports, customizable user views, and proof of delivery are accessed through mobile to help ensure sales teams are closing faster and maximizing the order value with less time and effort. Service personnel can be remote, using mobile devices to access an account, place orders, update hours spent, update costs, and ultimately sell more services.

Epicor also provides business owners and CEOs mobile access to the most critical business information, with real-time customizable reporting and dashboard functionality to proactively identify and act on problems, and stay on track. Epicor also allows for wireless warehouse functionality to streamline processes including receiving, picking, inventory operations, cycle counting, and adjustments.

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