Posted April 22, 2016

HailStrike releases mobile storm app

OneSite Mobile app allows users to access hail reporting data from the field.

HailStrike, the national leader in weather forensics for the claims and construction industries, proudly announces yet another first ever innovative service. OneSite Mobile is poised to bring the missing solution to mobile access for hail storm dates.

Remaining the industry leader in site-specific and date-specific hail verification, HailStrike's new OneSite Mobile app allows users to access the most extensive, detailed and time-sensitive hail reporting data from the field, from virtually any mobile device.

The app gives the flexibility of requesting hail data and potential dates of loss with the touch of a finger. The only input needed is a property address, which can be automatically attained using a powerful Geo-Locating algorithm, or by manually entering a property address.

The powerful tool takes the address and reports all hail activity over the past five years including size, duration, storm speed, storm direction and more.

The OneSite Mobile app can deliver two types of reports: a comprehensive, detailed OneSite report with historical activity along with support documentation, or a OneSite Lite that individually lists the dates of activity. Both of these reports are generated from the field in under 3 minutes.

Insurance adjusters, CAT teams, independent claims adjusters, public adjusters, roofing contractors, and roofing engineers will find OneSite Mobile an indispensable tool in immediate remote hail verification for a specific address.

With this new platform, HailStrike has "put the power of the most advanced weather technology in the hands of the user where it is needed the field," said CEO and Founder Daron Sneed. "By making the data included in the proprietary OneSite Report now accessible on any mobile device, our customers are able to immediately determine dates of storm activity and respond accordingly."

Vince Pardue, President & CEO at CClaim Consulting, LLC in Frisco, Texas says, "HailStrike has once again provided a great solution. Their new OneSite Mobile app has opened exciting new directions for us and now we can remotely access the same comprehensive data we have previously been utilizing from our office."

Pardue continues, "Having access to this information, on demand, allows us to quickly respond with relative data regarding a potential loss from hail at a specific location. We're excited that a company has finally developed this tool and we believe OneSite Mobile is going to be a major asset when pulling comprehensive weather verification reports while in the field."

OneSite Reports utilize Dual Polarization, NEXRAD radars' newest technology, which creates a digital, High Definition look into the heart of a storm. Only HailStrike captures, stores and analyzes this data every five minutes from NOAA's NEXRAD [Next-Generation Radar] station across the country and then processes it with HailStrike's patent-pending algorithms.

HailStrike's approach adds an even deeper level of value. "The ultimate benefit of the OneSite Report lies in our refusal to alter or manipulate data for any purpose," said Sneed. "When it comes to data accuracy, we've taken incredible pains to ensure that information transmitted by the radar is completely unbiased on its way to the customer. We do not enhance or hypothesize data in regards to gaps or measurements."

Founded in 2011, HailStrike's parent Dynamic Weather Solutions (DWS) is an advanced weather forensics company offering the most innovative and cross-referenced analytic data available in the historical storm market today.