Posted May 18, 2016

Speak up during Infrastructure Week

Urge congress to support infrastructure investment.

This week is Infrastructure Week, a national effort to showcase how critical infrastructure is for all Americans and manufacturing jobs. We need to send a message to Congress that U.S. infrastructure needs their committed investment. Our communities and global competitiveness depend on it!

Tell your member of Congress it’s time to invest in infrastructure and plan for its future!

We know how much #InfrastructureMatters and what a renewed commitment to infrastructure could mean for manufacturing jobs in this country. Tell your member of Congress why it matters to the roads, bridges, rails, ports, airports, pipes, power grid, and broadband network in your community. Tell your story about why it matters to the goods we ship and the manufacturers who make them. Tell them why infrastructure investment matters to manufacturing jobs.

Write your member of Congress today and tell them it’s time to invest in U.S. infrastructure.

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