Posted May 25, 2016

BlueTarp adds suppliers at strong pace

B2B credit management services provider has added more than 100 locations so far this year.

BlueTarp Financial, a leading credit management company for B2B suppliers, announced they have partnered with more than 100 new locations in 2016, with many taking advantage of the new BlueTarp Powered model.

Suppliers will enjoy guaranteed cash flow, with BlueTarp paying them upfront on every sale. BlueTarp will also extend the credit and take the risk of non-payment. To win new sales, the suppliers can offer their customers terms up to 90 days and credit lines up to $1M. They also have access to SmartView™, BlueTarp’s online platform that offers full transparency into customer’s buying and payment activities.

“In recent years, we determined that in order to grow our business and reduce our company’s exposure we needed to look at alternatives for our accounts receivable,” said Geppert Lumber’sLiz Wilkinson.  “Our transition went smooth; better than I expected.  Now, I know exactly when we will be paid, so we are able to take advantage of vendor discounts. Plus, in the past eight months we have opened at least 12 new accounts, more than we have done in the past five years. Our customers have multiple options for making payments and can access their accounts online 24/7. BlueTarp has been a pleasure to work with and their customer support is always very helpful and prompt.”

Suppliers are able to choose between managing customer interactions as they do today with the BlueTarp Powered model or a turnkey solution where BlueTarp handles everything for them with the BlueTarp® Managed model. With either option, suppliers receive faster, guaranteed cash flow, protection from credit risk, and tools to grow their sales.

“We’re pleased to see our customer base growing at such a strong pace,” said Scott Simpson, president and CEO of BlueTarp. “We anticipate this to continue as dealers seek ways to fund the growth of their business and prepare for future downturns while capitalizing on current up-times.”

About BlueTarp

BlueTarp Financial is a B2B credit management company serving more than 2000 suppliers since 1998. BlueTarp pays suppliers upfront for their sales and protects them from credit risk so they can fund the growth of their business. Suppliers can customize their program by choosing to manage customer interactions as they do today, or select a full service option where BlueTarp handles customer service and collections. They can also grow sales with options for up to 90 day terms, credit lines up to $1 million, and a loyalty rewards program. Learn more at