Suppliers have a variety of content for their modules, but most common training modules include some or all of the following:

  • New Product Information
  • Specific Installation and Application Training
  • Safety Training
  • Sales Training

Sphere 1 University benefits include:

  • High Quality Training Delivered 24/7 at low cost: No travel is required.
  • Sphere 1 U Students get rewarded for completing supplier courses: Sphere 1 distributor salespeople get between $3 and $5 in “Blue Bucks” for each supplier course they successfully complete. These Blue Bucks can be accumulated and then cashed in for rewards at gift
  • Consistent, Efficient, Verifiable Training: Students learn at their own pace. They can stop at anytime, and later start where they left off.
  • Instant Access to Sphere 1 Member/Distributor Salespeople: Student enrollment can be controlled with special password access.
  • Reports Track all Individual & Group Learning: Users can access reports that tell them exactly which individuals or groups have registered, the courses they have attempted, completions, and Blue Bucks accrued. Other detailed reports are also available.

About Sphere 1

Sphere 1 is a cooperative of independent tool, fastener, and concrete accessory distributors working together to achieve competitive and sustainable advantages in our marketplace.