Posted June 7, 2016

MeltBlown Technologies and HalenHardy team up to offer new spill cleanup product

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Innovative Spilltration Oil Spill Cleanup Technology Turns Thirty-Year Competitors Into Collaborators

According to oil spill cleanup experts, more than 80% of all hydrocarbon spills happen on land due to vehicle accidents or equipment failures (blown hydraulic hoses). And, the vast majority of these spills happen during inclement weather. Wet conditions cause oil slicks to spread quickly toward storm drains and waterways.

Two major challenges arise in wet conditions when trying to deploy traditional spill cleanup products:

1) Old-fashioned sorbents operate at less than 1/3rd their capacity in wet weather

2) Standard sorbents are bulky and require significant storage space, forcing workers and cleanup teams to equip their vehicles with an insufficient amount of sorbents.

To tackle these problems, spill cleanup pioneer Donny Beaver began to search for oil cleanup materials that worked well in wet weather by absorbing oil and filtering water at the same time. Another attribute Beaver sought was the ability of the materials to be compressed into small packages.

“Our goal was to cut wet-weather oil spill cleanup time in half while reducing storage space by at least 75%,” Beaver noted.

After several months of research and development, Beaver and his team discovered a family of fibers that exceeded their original criteria. As a result, the Spilltration line was born.

The Spilltration line of leak and spill cleanup products is:

  • Comprised of durable, recycled materials and is engineered to absorb and contain oil-based leaks and spills while allowing clean water to filter through.
  • Designed for easy setup around industrial equipment, vehicles, in outdoor worksites and near storm drains and waterways, and:
  • Effective on oil-based liquids, including: motor oils, hydraulic fluids, diesel, transmission fluids and more.

Once the Spilltration line was developed, Beaver reached out to a long-time industry friend, Derek Yurgaitis to get his feedback on market potential. Yurgaitis was immediately interested.

“What I loved about the path Beaver had chosen was that it not only solved numerous issues with current spill control technologies, it accomplished this while reducing the overall cost to control and cleanup outdoor land-based spills. From the perspective of our distributors, we aren't just taking another slice out of the same old pie, we are as Beaver says, ‘Baking a new cake.’ These products add new, untapped customers for distribution partners.”

“We’ve been competitors since the 1980s, now we’ve joined forces. It’s very exciting,” noted Donny Beaver, CEO of HalenHardy. “Derek and his team have been building strong relationships with industrial and safety distributors for decades. When we showed them our unique line of Spilltration oil spill solutions, they immediately wanted to help us get the products into their channels. It’s a win-win-win-win situation for customers, distributors, MBT and HalenHardy.”

Spilltration's innovative approach to solving the challenge of outdoor hydrocarbon leaks drips and spills is a perfect marriage with the mantra of today's industrial and safety distributors – productivity, speed, cost savings, problem solving.

"One of the challenges for any manufacturer is being able to innovate while executing on its core business efficiently," says Derek Yurgaitis, President of Meltblown Technologies. “Our partnership with HalenHardy allows us to focus on our core strengths and continue to build great relationships with our distribution partners while providing innovative solutions to their customers."

"This alliance will better position Spilltration products to service the following markets: environmental engineering, road building, heavy construction, oil and gas exploration, pipeline operations, power plants, emergency responders, spill cleanup contractors, transportation, utilities and many other indoor and outdoor industries."

"We are proud to announce an exclusive distribution agreement between HalenHardy and Meltblown Technologies. We believe this alliance will provide both companies an opportunity to focus on their core strengths and lead to better market penetration and faster innovation than either company could provide on their own."

Capitalizing on HalenHardy's relentless pursuit of solutions and problem solving and leveraging Meltblown Technology’s access to the Safety and Industrial Distribution Channels.”

If you are interested in becoming a distributor of the Spilltration line of leak and spill cleanup products, call Michael Fuente at 770.754.0600 or email

MeltBlown Technologies (www.meltblowntechnologies.comis based in Sandersville, Georgia. Its philosophies of partnership and strategic distribution help develop relationships that pull cost from the channel and emphasize solving critical business issues for customers. MBT manufactures the highest quality spill control products in the USA.

HalenHardy LLC (www.halenhardy.comis based in Bellwood, Pennsylvania and develops innovative environmental and safety products focused on serving industrial and mobile workforces.