Posted June 15, 2016

Kapersky offers cybersecurity webinar

Webinar takes place Thursday, June 16.

  • In the 25 years since the first PC viruses appeared, how has the threat landscape changed?
  • What are the most vulnerable areas that cybercriminals look to exploit?

This webinar is set for Thursday, June 16, 2016 at 2:00 PM Eastern / 11:00 AM Pacific.

90% of organizations have experienced some form of external threat in the past 12 months. Join Kapersky's experts for the webinar, "Navigating the Threat Landscape," to get the latest information you need to know about how cyberthreats are evolving.

This online event will cover the areas of cybercrime that are growing the fastest and how businesses can stay ahead of the threats that most affect their businesses.

Topics range from the rise of ransomware to the greatest mobile security threats, as well as taking your questions on the topics you are most concerned about.

The webinar's guest speaker is Michael Mimoso, editor-in-chief of Threatpost.  Mimoso shares more than a decade of cybersecurity expertise with his audiences. As editor-in-chief of Threatpost, he covers critical security issues and cybercrime affecting businesses and end-users today.

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