Posted June 23, 2016

BECK Fastener Group acquires ET&F Fastening Systems

Ohio steel-to-steel fastening specialists join BECK portfolio.

The BECK Fastener Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of Solon, Ohio, based ET&F Fastening Systems, Inc., a leading supplier of fastening systems used by contractors for applications involving fastening interior and exterior building materials to light gauge steel.

Pneumatic tool and fastener systems from ET&F Fastening are engineered specifically for fastening to steel, which presents special challenges. For instance, fastening fiber cement siding, wood based panels, exterior gypsum sheathing, DensGlass and interior and exterior molding to cold formed steel studs as thick as 14- and 12-gauge requires the use of tools and fasteners with superior power, durability, and reliability.

Speed is also an important factor. ET&F's Model 510 pneumatic steel framing tool, a key component of their popular PANELFAST SYSTEM, can drive collated fasteners at a rate three to five times faster than traditional screw guns, saving contractors significant time and money.

This pairs well with the primary benefit focus of products from the BECK Fastener Group, whose continual drive for innovation has led to numerous new items delivering time and cost savings. Among these are groundbreaking SCRAIL collated fasteners, which provide the threaded holding power and adjustability of screws with the installation speed of nails.SCRAIL fasteners can be driven far faster than bulk screws, and even surpass the installation speed of ordinary collated screws.

All ET&F pins are made from high-carbon heat-treated steel and have ballistic points to penetrate the hardest substrates. Many pins have knurled shanks to maximize holding strength in cold formed steel as thin as 20 ga. Similar to products from the BECK Fastener Group, ET&F collated pins are designed for maximum installation speed.

"The addition of ET&F Fastening Systems' product portfolio to the already extensive line of pneumatic tools and fasteners from the BECK Fastener Group further enhances the number of solutions we can offer for fastening various building materials to light gauge steel," notes Christian Beck, General Manager and Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of The BECK Fastener Group.

"We developed our own successful line of SteelThread SCRAIL fasteners specifically for this type of application, as a removable and adjustable alternative to ballistic pins for connecting light gauge steel to gypsum or wood. With the acquisition of the ET&F line-up, we immediately expand our assortment to a new level of innovative solutions that target an exceptionally broad range of applications involving fastening light gauge steel."

"What’s more, we gain access into the commercial market for these applications since ET&F Fastening Systems products already have major building code and building component manufacturer approvals, and are widely accepted within the commercial construction industry."

For instance, ET&F Fastening Systems’ pneumatically installed fasteners are recognized as complying with the current international building codes. ET&F’s ICC Evaluation Service reports ESR-1777 and ESR -2290 plus IAPMO Evaluation Report ER-335 provide design data for many applications fastening wood based panels and gypsum sheathing to cold formed steel 20ga to 10ga thick.

ET&F fasteners are also specified by brand name in James Hardie Building Product's ICC Evaluation Service reports for fastening HardiePanel and HardiePlank brand siding to cold formed steel. David P. Nolan, P.E. will remain at ET&F Fastening Systems, Inc. as General Manager. A Registered Professional Engineer, Dave has been with the business since 1984, building extensive knowledge about product development, the product assortment and applications, as well as having deep roots within the industry spanning from manufacturing to distribution.

Dave commented, "This is a great move for securing the future of our company. Both the BECK Fastener Group and their Master Distributor, FASCO America have the focus we want to see on Customer Service and pushing forward with future product innovations, plus their Sales and Marketing expertise can help us expand further than would have otherwise been possible. At the end of the day, they're great people who are exceptionally dedicated to simply making things easier and more profitable for the end user."

As a wholly-owned subsidiary, the entire product line of ET&F Fastening will also become available through FASCO America, the US Master Distributor for products manufactured by The BECK Fastener Group.

The BECK Fastener Group is a fourth-generation family-owned business headquartered in Mauerkirchen, Austria, with over 110 years of experience providing fastening products of consistent quality and innovation. They are a full-range manufacturer of fastener solutions, including pneumatic tools, collated fasteners, as well as a wide range of staples, nails, pins and brads. For more information, visit