Posted June 29, 2016

Blog Posts: Three things distributors get wrong

Three things most distributors are getting wrong about their sorbent buyers.

We feel that distributors are the optimum delivery channel between multiple manufacturers and the industrial buyer. They play a huge and critical role in providing a single source supplier for the buyer. And, as a result, they simplify product selection and streamline the purchasing process across multiple manufacturers. 

Given that, we recognize that distributors are vital in bringing a wide array of products and solutions to their buyers, but they cannot possibly be the experts in all applications as well as the full range of issues from purchase to application, to disposal.

With that in mind, here are the three things I feel most distributors are getting wrong about their buyers:

  1. Purchase price is only the start of the buyer’s costs.
  2. The full product lifecycle—including application and disposal—are key to optimizing use and minimizing costs.
  3. Buyers need outside expertise to guide their selection decisions.

Purchase Price

When a buyer is confronted with an immediate need, they often pick up a catalog or browse a website to find something that will address this need. The distributor is perfectly positioned to fill that request.

Optimizing Use and Minimizing Costs

Addressing the full range of cost implications really needs to be addressed at the start of the buying process. The buyer may find something that meets the current requirement, but doesn’t take into account the full range of selection implications. 

For example, a lightweight absorbent might remove the oil from the spill but become saturated quickly, requiring frequent monitoring and replacement. In this situation, you’re not only buying more absorbent, but also spending valuable staff time on monitoring and replacement. You also need to consider the cost of disposal.

Expertise to Guide Selection Decisions

Absorbents are deceptively simple. But there are many implications that can develop from every single purchase decision. Experts can help solve the problems and minimize the pain points in purchase, application, and disposal. 

It takes careful and knowledgeable consideration for each specific application. That typically needs to come from experts with substantial experience, covering what works and what doesn’t.

Tap Our Experience and Expertise

We are working hard to not only advise buyers, but to also provide support and training to our distributors. This is the first step in bridging what we see as a gap between order taking and fulfilling the full range of requirements that each buyer presents in any given situation.

We can help guide those decisions. Tap our broad expertise in manufacturing and applying industrial absorbents.

Posted by Derek Yurgaitis on Jun 29, 2016 8:30:00 AM

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