Posted October 5, 2016

Coxreels expands UL-approved product line

PC19 and PC24 Power Cord Series reels earn UL approval.

Coxreels has announced the addition of two models (PC19 and PC24) to our UL-Approved product line.

UL’s (Underwriters Laboratories) standards and certifications are universally recognized as important indicators of product safety and reliability. The vigorous tests conducted by UL Laboratories are essential to helping ensure public safety and confidence, reduce costs, and improve quality of market products and services. Millions of products and their components are tested to UL's rigorous safety standards with the result that consumers live in a safer environment than they would have otherwise.

The new additions to Coxreels’ UL-Approved product line demonstrate Coxreels’ dedication to ensuring that each one of its products has been built to the utmost levels of safety, performance and customer satisfaction.

Coxreels’ PC (Power Cord) Series reels are heavy duty, industrial-grade power sources. They replace tangled extension cords and self-retract to increase safety, productivity and efficiency. The PC Series are designed for long-lasting, hassle-free performance even under the most demanding conditions.

The PC19 and PC24 models now proudly accompany the PC13 and PC17 models amongst the Coxreels’ products that currently maintain the UL stamp of approval.

For further information on Coxreels new line of UL-approved products, contact Customer Service at (800) 269-7335 or visit