Posted October 5, 2016

UFPD partners with Selena USA

Now offers TYTAN foams, sealants and adhesives to customers.

Selena USA is pleased to announce that UFPD, a division of Universal Forest Products, Inc.,, is now offering Selena’s TYTAN Professional brand of Foams, Sealants and Adhesives,, to its customer base in the manufactured housing, recreational vehicle and office/modular manufacturing industries.

“TYTAN is pleased to partner with UFPD,” said Glenn Kallgren, National Sales Manager for Selena USA. “With TYTAN’s broad product selection of technologically superior products, and UFPD’s outstanding team of sales representatives, we are confident that this will be a winning relationship for both companies.”

Headquartered in Elkhart, Indiana, UFPD has 11 distribution outlets strategically placed throughout the United State that provide their customers with a wide range of building and decorative products.

“We were very impressed with the Selena sales and marketing group’s professionalism, knowledge of the role of distributors and how much they believe in it being a true partnership,” said Martin Rottenberg, general manager of operations for UFPD. “And, when we showed the TYTAN product line to our customers, they were so impressed with their performance that we are offering the full product line.”

Already, UFPD sales force is reporting that the TYTAN Drywall High Yield Adhesive and TYTAN Subfloor High Yield Adhesive are winning over many of their customers.

“The drywall adhesive is proving to reduce loose panel issues and decrease screw pops on vertically built walls, which reduces call backs and warranty issues,” said Barbara Weisser, National Product Manager for UFPD. “The Subfloor Adhesive is proving to reduce floor squeaks and loose panels on horizontally built walls and is saving time on every project because of its gun applicator. In addition, customers are seeing a real cost savings. One UFPD Sales Rep said his customers are already seeing an $80-plus savings per unit.”

For more information on Selena’s TYTAN line, customers can call 855-44-TYTAN or go to their website